Wednesday, December 03, 2003

And some interesting stuff that I read up on India ...

High Hurdles for a Rising India:
Yes, the Pakistan standoff could always explode. What really scares multinationals, however, is poor infrastructure and irksome laws ...

India And Silicon Valley:
Now The R&D Flows Both Ways ...

U.S. Programmers at Overseas Salaries:
Rather than send IT work to India, a Boston startup sought locals at the same money. The result: plenty of applicants -- and a lot of questions ...

The Rise Of India :
Growth is only just starting, but the country's brainpower is already reshaping Corporate America ...

Too lazy and waiting for post-via-email ...


I've been too tied up with other things and am not able to find adequate time to keep this up2date. I'm waiting for the time when I'll be able to post stuff to blogger via emails, but that's likely to take some time to come :( The earlier pro version had it (at a price understandably), but since we moved to the "free" version, there's been no way to do this. I'm waiting for the post-via-email facility 'cos that's the easiest for the living-on-email kinds like me.

And some interesting stuff that I read up on India ...

High Hurdles for a Rising India:
Yes, the ome�o sugere que eu esteja com ci�mes ou que eu tenha achado mortalmente rom�ntico o que voc� vai fazer. ou nada rom�ntico.

n�o. mas eu gostei da sua tatuagem. posso contar? posso falar das suas tr�s tatuagens? posso falar? queria tanto.

era um urso mas eu chamei de tigrinho. se voc� me conhecesse melhor, isso faria muito sentido. onde existe um urso eu vejo um tigrinho. � um tigre, n�o � um urso, mas � um filhote. entende?

gosto de voc�, sonho que estou chorando horas no seu colo. e que voc� est� feliz com isso. esse � o melhor que eu posso fazer. talvez isso voc� precise saber.

ela prometeu que sempre choraria no seu colo. que babaria na sua camiseta sem nenhum receio. agora ela precisa aprender a chorar.raria no seu colo. que babaria na sua camiseta sem nenhum receio. agora ela precisa aprender a chorar.

Friday, November 14, 2003

Philip Kotler speaks about nation branding, dynamics involved, ...


For those who missed to read this week's edition of Brand Equity
in ET (Economic Times), Philip Kotler speaks about nation
branding, dynamics involved, and much much more ...

Includes an insight on what made Cost Rica (of all countries amongst
Latin America, competing against the likes of Brazil - largest Latin
American economy, Chile - fastest growing and most stable economy,
Mexico - a member of NAFTA) win a bid for a $300-$500 million
investment by Intel !!

Read the online article @

Thursday, November 13, 2003

BITS has an online education portal ...


BITS (Birla Institute of Technology & Science) has an online education portal ...


that allows one to view recorded sessions and participate in live
(interactive) sessions. Much like the Direcwav Platform that I'm
using for a PGCBM from XLRI, this thing is more convenient in
that it enables ease of use for those who want to view it from
external world / via the web (and not just the centers).

As is clearly evident, the advantage is that people who have the
bandwidth can easily view it from wherever they want, whenever
they want and how many ever times they want. This is as
convenient as it can get.

If this model is combined with the present delivery system and
optional archive access at the centers (for those who don't have
convenient internet access), it could mean the best of both worlds
and a win-win situation for everybody.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Monday, November 10, 2003

A few more questions related to finance


Have a few questions related to finance ...

Can someone explain the terms like:

1. Oscillator charts - long term and short term ? Are there
different types of oscillator charts ?

2. MACD, MACD Chart, average and trigger lines.

3. What is RSI (relative strength index) ?

Usage of these can be found @

'Beta' might not be the best way to relate risk/return ...


There was an article in the ET (
today in the "Big Bucks" section which said that studies have
shown that 'Beta' might not be the best way to relate risk/return.
Of course there could be many such contradicting studies/reports,
but I thought I'd let everyone know :)

I haven't been able to find the URL for this on the net. So, in
case anyone does find it, please let me know.

Friday, November 07, 2003

The Country, the People, & Doing Business


The article below, in Business World (27-Oct edition), provides
some "alleged insight" into the working of the nation. Makes one
wonder what is it that both attracts and repels people from investing
in that country. Their policies are flaky, laws overlook overtures by
local companies, ... Yet, they are _the_ upcoming giants.
Obviously, they are a huge market, provide very good infrastructure,
cheap labor, ...

Someone care to throw more light / insight ? Anyone whoz involved
in dealing with China and can speak about the rationale or whoz
studying it ?
The Country, the People, & Doing Business:
"How can an Indian firm considering an investment in China sort
through the myths and realities of the enigmatic country? While
there is no secret formula for success, there is a list of dos
and don'ts. BW leads you into the Middle Kingdom and shows what
it takes to be successful behind the bamboo curtain."

Some interesting articles (URLs given towards the end).

The first one on China provides some "alleged insight" into
the working of the nation. Makes one wonder what is it that
both attracts and repels people from investing in that country.
Their policies are flaky, laws overlook overtures by local
companies, ... Yet, they are _the_ upcoming giants.

The second one (in today's ET's CD) discusses why it is becoming
imperative for companies to innovate. How they need to deal with
disruptive technologies, incubate and foster innovation and at
the same time look at increasing their capabilities in core
strengths. Provides a brief opinion on where companies like
Infosys or Wipro have to start looking in order to be able to
compete with the likes of IBM and Accenture.

I haven't yet read the third one completely, but I guess it
should be an interesting one too

Happy reading and musing.


The Country, the People, & Doing Business:
"How can an Indian firm considering an investment in China sort
through the myths and realities of the enigmatic country? While
there is no secret formula for success, there is a list of dos
and don'ts. BW leads you into the Middle Kingdom and shows what
it takes to be successful behind the bamboo curtain."

Innovate boldly & beautifully:
"Systems can be compatible with innovation, says the author of
The Innovator's Dilemma."

Changing CEOs for the better:
Successful leaders don't like critical feedback. They believe
they're successful because of what they are. So how do you get
them to change?

Monday, November 03, 2003

Retailing - Metro (Blr')


Read last week's Business World for an "interesting" article on
"Metro" a German cash-and-carry outlet in Blr'. The selling
area of this outlet is larger than the size of a football
field and it's somewhat similar to Walmart, Costco, etc.

The difference is that Metro is a B2B enterprise presently (and
will probably remain so - due to strict govt. regulations
controlling FDI in retailing). It's creating flutters amongst
retailers, wholesalers, distributors, ... There's a protest /
picketing almost daily by one organization or another. However,
it's here to stay, or so it appears.

The reason I wrote this in, was to highlight the price differences
of some products in the marketspace and at the Metro outlet

Take a look at the whopping differences !! Someone want to
start a reseller outlet (I'm all game) ? :)

BTW, there's another article on the retailing giant WalMart
in today's ET that you might also want to read in case you are
interested in knowing more about this segment.

Impact of large scale retailing on local economies and lifestlyes
could prove to be an interesting area of study (probably performed
already by gzillion people/research-groups).

A few questions related to economics and finance ...


What is "credit policy" as such ? And what is the Indian policy ?
How does it differ in comparison to those of other developed and
developing countries ? What are salient features in ours ? Why
are the salient ?

What exactly is PLR (apart from Prime Lending Rate) ? How is it
arrived at ? Who determines it (I guess each bank by itself) ?
What is the mechanism of operation ?

What is "arbitrage opportunity for foreign debts" ? How does
reducing it slow down $$ inflows ?

What is "overnight foreign exchange exposure" ? How does
reducing it increase $$ demand ?

What are the present restrictions for Indians while investing
abroad ? What can be relaxed amongst them ?

What are "variable repo rates" ? What impact would their introduction
have on money markets ?

What is "repo rate" (rate at which RBI takes money from banks) ?
What is the impact if it is lessened ? Why did this not happen
the last time markets speculated for this ?

What is ADR, GDR ? What is the "conversion route" of getting
them ?

What is our "fiscal responsibility and budget management bill" ?
What is the crux of it ? How does it operate ? Who takes
stock ?

What do the terms swap, credit derivatives, value-at-risk
technique, yield curve modelling, basis capital adequacy,
norms on market and credit risk mean ? Any additional details
about them ?

For occurrences of all of these, read today's (3-Nov-2003) ET.

Sunday, November 02, 2003

Proxy to Yahoo Groups


Nart Villeneuve at University of Toronto has set up a proxy to Yahoo Groups
which works much better as it allows one to login, read, post and moderate
the Yahoo groups as well.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

Says Azim Premji of the Indian IT-services giant: "Select the right
people, give them the right environment, and then don't get into
their hair"
Read the complete article @

Want to know how IBM Deals with Disruptive Technologies ?

Read a Fortune magazine article about IBM's Emerging Business Opportunity (EBO)
program for how this is being managed today

Monday, October 06, 2003


Back at Office in Chennai !! Will not be adding much during/for the weekdays (or I think so at this moment).

Sunday, October 05, 2003


Sunday was another day for long drives. Return trip to Chennai. Started from Blr' at around 9.45am and reached home at around 3.30pm. About an hour break in between over all. Touched top speed of 120kmph ! Vehicle is very steady at that speed too. However, it's somewhat pathetic over steep slopes (given that's it diesel and doesn't have turbo charge). A Mitsubishi Pajero was one of the vehicles which I couldn't manage to hold onto while on the plains !! :)

Saturday, October 04, 2003


Saturday was a day for long drives once again. We heard from some of our friends that "dholies" were available for pickup at Shravabelagola and we started for that place. It's about 150kms for Blr and we spent quite some time on the to and fro travel (so much so we got lost for some time while coming back to Blr', and that too within the city !!). My parents and aunt used the "dholie" (it was actually a chair tied on top of two hard sticks that could be carried by 2-4 people) to go up the 641 steps while my cousin and I climbed it. Good exercise !! The view at the top is amazing. The statue has a height of 57 feet and was built around 1000+ years ago. Got some nice snaps there (should be posting them sometime in the future when I develop those rolls).

Friday, October 03, 2003


I was out again, visiting the famous "Bull Temple" in Blr'. It's a gigantic statue of Nandhi (the "transport medium" for Lord Shiva). And then we spent some time "shopping" at Gandhi Bazaar. My mom didn't get her required design of "katthipeeta" (a word in Telugu) inspite of searching for more than at least 1/2 an hour. It appears that people don't like to make useful things any more :)

We got some sweets and savouries from some shop there. And had lunch at hotel "Kadambam". Not too good a place, but provides a decent meal at Rs.25 or so.

And then in the evening, I took the short walk to Brigade Road (visiting LifeStyle and Shopper's Stop enroute). I desperately wanted to buy a casette (yeah I still listen to those you know, my car has a casette player only 'cos CDs are still expensive if you want the legal versions) of the Tamil movie "Kakka Kakka". While it wud cost only Rs.30+, I finally ended up spending around 2K at Music World !! Got the following:

1. Enigma 5
2. Greatest Hits of 2003
3. Dream Land - Robert Miles
4. DJ Files 4
5. Kakka Kakka
6. Kaanta Lagaa - DJ Doll
7. A Fastrack Titan watch with a few gizmo features that I'd probably never use :)

Thursday, October 02, 2003


The Day of the Mahatma, popularly known as "Gandhi Jayanthi". How did I spend it ?

Well I visited the temple of Lord Krishna at Bangalore, popularly known as ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) temple ( It's been one of my favorite places of worship/visit, not that I've been there quite often (since that place is in Blr' and I'm a resident of Chennai). I've been to other ISKCON temples at Mumbai and Mathura (yet to visit the one in Chennai, where I've been residing for all my life) but haven't found those as captivating as this. They seem way too commericialised, crowded and unorganized !

BTW, I went there along with my parents, aunts and an uncle. The other thing is that I spent a lot of time trying to get to and from that place as well my relative's 'cos I didn't know the route fully well. It seemed almost like a site-seeing trip around Blr'. Given that my cousin's place (where I was staying all the while) is quite close to Brigade Road, we usually pass thru' that and it's quite a fun place to spend time ;-)

Wednesday, October 01, 2003


I hit the national highways by my car for the first time, for about 6-7hrs travelling a distance of more than 350kms. Started from my house in Chennai at around 2.45pm and finally reached Blr (Bangalore) at around 9.30pm or so with about an hour of break in between. Driving on the highways in the night was a bit daunting at first, but then I managed to latch onto a good driver whom I tailed for about 2hrs+ at speeds of over 80km+ usually. Had a mild scare or two in the forward journey, what with my vehicle hitting those few potholes that were there on the way. Overall it was a nice experience, for a first time long distance driver.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003


Accountability, fairness should decide CEOs compensation: Murthy

Global cartoonists attack Indian IT pros:

A Clear Signal at Motorola:
CEO ouster is a clear victory for corporate governance.
MENLO PARK, Calif. -- Outgoing Motorola CEO Chris Galvin and
his board of directors committed an unusual corporate faux
pas late Friday evening: They told the truth.,15704,489083,00.html

GE, Bechtel file $1.2-b claim against Govt
BECHTEL Enterprises Holdings Inc and GE Structured Finance
on Monday said that they have filed an international
arbitration claim against the Government to recover their
investments in Dabhol Power Company (DPC). The total value
of the claim ...

Microsoft: A Killer App That Could Kill the Competition
Its entry into the antivirus market has rivals spooked

Billing pressure on software firms eases: Nasscom

Ganguly's googly leaves Percept fuming:

US to sharply cut H1-B visas from Oct 1:

EU Textile Sops To Pak: WTO Rules In India's Favour:

eBay to Feds: come and get what you want

Number plate recognition poised for national UK rollout:

Thursday, September 18, 2003


Isen.Blog Arrives:
David Isenberg has a weblog. Good. (Also about time...)...

A Measured Response to the "SCO Problem":
When companies ignore logic and duties, you have to hit
them in their wallets.

The Loon rides again with attack on Sun's comic value:
McNealy is no Letterman

NYSE's Grasso Quits Under Fire Over Pay (Reuters):
Reuters - Richard Grasso, the head of the New York Stock
Exchange, resigned on Wednesday in the face of mounting
pressure from investors, regulators and top Wall Street
firms over his $140 million pay package.*

Wednesday, September 17, 2003


to take a look at some of the RSS feed that I'm trying to catch up with.

I've found two nice RSS feed readers:

Freereader -

FeedDemon -

Tuesday, September 16, 2003


So, what have I been doing today ? Why are there no posts ?!

I've just discovered the world of RSS Feeds and am fascinated
by them ! The amount of info that I happened to sift thru'
today was voluminous ! Shall put out stuff on this shortly.

Monday, September 15, 2003

Microsoft at the power point:
Governments like open-source software, but Microsoft does not

A clicking bomb:
An explosive row over how to protect intellectual property in Europe

How Grasso Earned It:

On the Record: Scott McNealy

On the Record: Larry Ellison

From wisdom via the Web to smart maps and cures for social ills,
technology is helping to heal a world of hurt

Sunday, September 14, 2003

From on-board radar and Wi-Fi to electronic steering,
amazing technologies already here or soon coming promise
to create a new automotive era

By disclosing that he rejected an extra $48 million in
compensation, the NYSE head did anything but defuse the
controversy over his pay

Virginia Tech is tying 1,100 G5s together to achieve
top-dollar performance for a relative bargain, a ringing
endorsement for Apple's latest machine

College kids just don't pay enough attention to computer
security. Thank goodness adults on campus are prepared to
force the issue

A judge has ruled that it's up to Web surfers to keep
adware and spyware out of their hard drives. Here's what
you can do

From WSJ:
(Online subscription is required, just snippets given

Three NYSE directors will meet Thursday with traders and
brokers to address members' concerns about Chairman Richard
Grasso. The meeting comes as several traders are putting
together a petition calling for new management.

Apple Computer was sued by Apple Corps, the Beatles'
record company, which claims iTunes products violate a
1991 agreement that the computer maker stay out of the
music business.

Saturday, September 13, 2003

Ben Glison Jr.'s guilty plea has drawn a five-year sentence
and will cost him more than $1 million, but that won't satisfy
the outrage

From WSJ:
(Online subscription is required, just snippets given

Computers Learn New Text-Data ABCs :
MIT Technology Review: Many of the world's writing systems
-- from West Africa to the Middle East -- still can't be
read on the Internet, but a group of linguists at the
University of California, Berkeley, is trying to change that.

Sony to Revamp Its Product Lines:
Sony will unveil a sweeping reorganization of its factories
and product lines aimed at turning around its electronic

Electric Grid Vulnerable to Hackers:
Efforts to automate the electric grid after last month's
blackout are making the electricity supply vulnerable to
a different kind of peril: computer viruses and hackers,
according to government researchers

Friday, September 12, 2003

This Indian turned $300 into a franchise empire:

Get 25,000-watt music via your mobile phone:

India, Inc. swings it 'round, pays out increments
of up to 25%:

IBM respects employees' privacy most:

The Risks of Getting Tough with China:
Lawmakers who want to punish Beijing for declining to
revalue the yuan don't recognize that the unintended
consequences could be dire

AT&T to invest $3 billion in 2003 for global network:
Plans include moving to optics-based architecture, having
edge-to-edge connectivity

No Americans Need Apply:
Daniel Soong, who lost his programming job to Indian
offshore companies, is willing to relocate to India.
But Indian officials have told him they don't hire

Torvalds to SCO: Negotiate what?
Linux creator says there is no proof of copyright infringement

Cabinet approves mission to Moon:
The Union government on Thursday night approved the
Mission for Moon in 2008 ...

Romania cheaper than India for outsourcing:

Fortune Small Business:


MANAGING: Start Me Up:
The California garage became a legendary place to rev up new
business ideas.,15114,475872,00.html

MARKETING: Hugh Hefner's Marketing Secrets
Playboy's founder reveals how he built his empire.,15114,474264,00.html

FINANCE: The Power Behind Paychex
Tom Golisano made himself rich by offering payroll processing to
the small entrepreneurs whom his competitors neglected.,15114,475599,00.html

TECHNOLOGY: Cyber Safety for the Small Business
Protect yourself from computer viruses without spending a fortune.,15704,480438,00.html


MANAGING: Is It Time to Start Your Own Business?
Here are five questions to ask yourself before you take the
plunge, from FORTUNE's career columnist Anne Fisher.,15704,483841,00.html

MARKETING: Frank Perdue's Marketing Strategies
Frank Perdue's groundbreaking television ads revolutionized an
industry in 1971. He tells how he masterminded the growth of his
empire in his own words.,15114,475608,00.html

FINANCE: Charles Schwab: The Secret to Staying Power
Wall Street tried to drive him out of business. But the king of
cheap brokerage fees was too powerful to stop.,15114,475871,00.html

TECHNOLOGY: Why Intel Succeeded
Gordon Moore has kept a low profile as one of Intel's founders
but he helped usher in the computer age. He looks back at how the
company became a powerhouse.,15114,475592,00.html

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Trend spotting now a big business:

Offshoring in footwear gaining momentum:

Stowaway Makes New York-Dallas Flight in Cargo Crate:,2933,96833,00.html

Secrets of Telgi: Zero to Rs 25,000 cr in 6 years:

GE, Bechtel awarded $28.57 m each:
Dabhol: Panel ruling may trigger US Govt claim against India

Infy bags $50-m order from Telstra:

Will the Penguin Conquer Asia?:
Japan, China, and South Kore are planning a joint effort
to develop Linux as an alternative to Microsoft's pricey

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

McKinsey Global Institute: PERSPECTIVE
The business practice of offshoring promises large
rewards for companies and the benefits of jobs created
for destination countries is well documented. But MGI
argues that important and tangible benefits go both ways.

When, Where, How, and Other Questions on Going Offshore:

Pricing new products:
Companies habitually charge less than they could for
new products, especially with revolutionary offers.
Underestimating a product's value can be a costly mistake,
since the introductory price often fixes its worth in
the buyer's mind.

Outsourcing War:
An inside look at Brown & Root, the kingpin of America's
new military-industrial complex

Don't Blame China for U.S. Job Losses:
Instead of ruffling Beijing, Treasury Secretary John
Snow should have been urging Americans to exploit the
new frontiers of innovation

Infosys bags $50 m order from Telstra:

PeopleSoft Sailing Further Away From Oracle:
NEW YORK - It took PeopleSoft executives a little more
than an hour yesterday to utter the "O" word during the
company's two-hour long presentation to financial
analysts. Even when they did mention Oracle, it was

Sun Microsystems Announces Bill Joy to Leave Company:

Outsourcing wagon hits home hurdle, fails to
keep India date:

Out of the ether:
An unfinished doctoral thesis and a chance encounter
with an engineering intern gave Ethernet's inventor
the inspiration for the popular computer network. But
a lot of lobbying, brainstorming and clever marketing
were needed to turn it into a global standard

SCO CEO Posts Open Letter to the Open Source Community:

Report: IBM Hot, Lilly Not for Workplace Privacy

Monday, September 08, 2003

US H1-B visa ban to hit 65,000 Indians:

Filling the gaps in a jigsaw puzzle:
[[ Sudhir - Great article on entrepreneurship!!
Good read for management students and managers. ]]

Motorola: Recharged
You've heard it all before. But this time,
Motorola really is back.
[[ Sudhir - Nice article on brand management ]]

Is Java Finished:

Now Hear This:
Forbes, Christopher Helman, 09.15.03
A new ultrasound system can zap a laserlike channel
of sound over hundreds of feet to just one pair of
ears in a crowd--a perfect pitch for marketers.

K Birla is richest Asian under 40 years:
Kumaramangalam Birla, with a personal wealh of $1.3
billion, has been ranked Asia's richest person below
the age of 40 by Fortune. He is tenth on the global
top 40 list.

Hi-tech solutions for India's train crashes:
India's vast rail network is set to get hi-tech
solutions to prevent the recurring major crashes
that blight its reputation.

GSM-CDMA fracas to end soon: Shourie

Digital library: Free, anytime access for all:
IMAGINE a library that is free, allows readers to
access books and manuscripts at any time of the day,
on all days of the year and never tells a borrower
that the book he or she wants is "out". These are
just a few of the features the Digital Library of
India will offer visitors.

Google celebrates fifth birthday:
Everyone knows the logo The world's most popular site
for searching the web, Google, is five years old.

"We've Made Bad Security Tradeoffs":
Author Bruce Schneier discusses why the Patriot Act
and other anti-terror measures mean "giving up a lot
-- and not getting very much"