Monday, November 03, 2003

Retailing - Metro (Blr')


Read last week's Business World for an "interesting" article on
"Metro" a German cash-and-carry outlet in Blr'. The selling
area of this outlet is larger than the size of a football
field and it's somewhat similar to Walmart, Costco, etc.

The difference is that Metro is a B2B enterprise presently (and
will probably remain so - due to strict govt. regulations
controlling FDI in retailing). It's creating flutters amongst
retailers, wholesalers, distributors, ... There's a protest /
picketing almost daily by one organization or another. However,
it's here to stay, or so it appears.

The reason I wrote this in, was to highlight the price differences
of some products in the marketspace and at the Metro outlet

Take a look at the whopping differences !! Someone want to
start a reseller outlet (I'm all game) ? :)

BTW, there's another article on the retailing giant WalMart
in today's ET that you might also want to read in case you are
interested in knowing more about this segment.

Impact of large scale retailing on local economies and lifestlyes
could prove to be an interesting area of study (probably performed
already by gzillion people/research-groups).

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