Saturday, August 30, 2008

Google screensaver

Ok, so I've been trying to get this piece of softare from google. Comes as part of Google Pack. But their download system is broken and I can just get it to download ! :(

Wondering why they don't care to provide it standalone !! I understand the good intentions in packaging, making everything available from a single location, etc.

Anyway, it's now wait and watch to see if they ever realize that their system is broken. Tried giving feedback, but no luck.

Update: As on 3-Sep-2008, download of Google Pack is working.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Why Apple iPhone3g doesn't make any sense in India

Offered with no comments.

1. There are no 3G networks in India, YET.
2. iPhone retails in US between $199 to $299 for the 8GB and 16GB phone. That works out to about Rs.8000 to Rs.12000 (approx) in India (at simple conversion of 1USD = Rs.40). However, the two "exclusive" providers, Airtel and Vodafone want between Rs.31000 to Rs.36000 for these models.
3. iPhone3G is going to operate on GPRS network at the moment. Both Airtel and Vodafone, have unlimited GPRS plans for as "low" as Rs.199 per month. However, for iPhone, they are not looking at this unlimited plan, but want to sell separate data plans with following "features"
* plans priced anywhere between Rs.500 to Rs.100
* "free" data downloads from 0 (zero) kb to 500MB
* additional downloads between 30paise/50kb to 5paise/10kb
4. 12 month warranty as long as one sticks with the service provider and these plans

While there will be some fanatics who may buy the iPhone, I think for vast majority price of the handset has to drop and so does data plan price.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Airtel Billing Quirks

I have an Airtel landline phone at home and 2 Airtel mobile phones.

Each of them is on a different billing date.

Luckily, I could get the mobile phones to converge to the same billing date.

No luck with the landline phone department.

Apparently landline / mobile are different entities and no such sync can happen.

Worse still, my landline billing can't even change to another cycle at all !

I wish Airtel got it's act together and just sent me one composite bill. Doesn't matter even if it's 15 pages long. Would save them quite some stationary and courier charges as well. Not to mention all the pain for them as well as customer in tracking so many different billing dates.

Doesn't that make sense or am I missing something ?