Sunday, January 31, 2010

Postponing the inveitable?

Getting ready to cook rice - for the first time in life. Wish me luck! And pray I don't bring a fire engine down the road!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fiction books I'm reading

The list of fiction books I've read or am reading or interested in reading.

This list is on the sidebar of my blog as well.

Do you have a list? Where is your list?

Any site/list that helps share this in better format and helps exchange views/recommendations and find similar interests/books?

Google Storage, Picasa & Photos

Google provides additional storage of 20GB at a nominal $5/year (Rs.250) that is shared between Gmail, Picasa Web Albums and Google Docs. Sounds very tempting, especially given the amount of photos that I can have and can store, share. Considering lapping it up.

Do you have it? What do you think?

Currently I use Snapfish India for storing, sharing & printing my photos. At about Rs.3/photo, they are the probably the cheapest & best in India. They provide unlimited storage provided you print with them once in a year, which is something I do anyway.

However, my photo album application on the computer is undoubtedly Picasa. Just love the app. It has a "sync" feature between the app on desktop and PicasaWebAlbums, which can make life very easy. And, sharing photos via Picasa also provides options for recipients to download albums, etc.

FWIW, I may still continue to use Snapfish for printing photos once in a while.