Friday, January 19, 2018

Air India Radio Live app on Android and my enhancement requests ...

Following is the copy-paste of a list of enhancement requests I sent to All India Radio app development team for their app. If you like them, please send a request to them too.


Hi AIR app development team,

For long I've been wanting to get the AIR news on internet, especially via Tune In app. When I found the AIR android app just a day ago, I was delighted, but felt it could use some improvements to make it more user friendly and popular. Below is a list of suggestions. Please do let me know what you think about them and if there's any chance you can make them happen.

Have you considered the following for AIR services (in general)?
  1. Publish AIR stations on Tune In
  2. Available to run on on Amazon Alexa and Amazon Fire TV Stick
Have you considered bringing in the following capabilities to the Android app?
  1. Casting via Google Chromecast
  2. Ability to stop playing music / stations after X minutes (sleep function).
  3. Ability to choose quality of stream - low, medium, high or something on those lines.
  4. Ability to record, rewind past few minutes, etc.
  5. Ability to mute in one click, instead of having to turn down the volume bar.
  6. Ability to set a wake up alarm and choose a station to start the day with.
  7. How about providing a program schedule for each of the stations? And ability to mark some programs as favorites and remind us when they are going to start. And possibly record the show when it happens. 
  8. Ability to provide feedback from within the app for a particular program/hosts.
  9. Ability to comment on a program from within the app for others to join a conversation on the AIR website regarding a program, along with the ability to share the comment via social media like Twitter/FaceBook/Google+/Whatsapp etc., which will link back to the conversation on the website.
  10. Ability to share status of what I'm listening to, via social media such as Twitter/FaceBook/Google+/Whatsapp etc.
  11. Ability to request songs / ask questions etc to live programs or pre-scheduled ones, from within the app.
  12. Download programs for listening offline (when there is no internet connection).
  13. Have a separate channel for news, or create a mashup of all channels that only publish news (maybe even in various languages).
  14. Ability to choose languages of interest and then choose for genre of programs within those - for eg., if I choose English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada - and choose genre music - the app should be able to cycle through the various channels and give me a continuous (or almost) play of music from various languages. So is the case for news, talk shows, etc.