Thursday, November 27, 2008

Youtube on my mobile (nokia 6233)

Thanks to Opera Mini, I learnt that I could see YouTube videos on my mobile (Nokia 6233), via

P.S: Not that I'm a big fan of youtube videos, it's just that it's possible and convenient now.

Friday, November 21, 2008

6+ minutes to boot

My office laptop takes about 6 minutes 20 seconds to be finally ready for regular action. There's a gazillion stuff that it loads and I keep wondering about which to keep knocking off without having to put it back on again.

The machine - Dell Latitude 530, Intel Core 2 Duo, T7250 @ 2GHz, 1GB RAM @ 777MHz, running Win XP SP2.

I'm guessing that my home machine, HP nx7400 also probably takes around the same time, will time it another day.

P.S: The reason I'm writing this now is I had to reboot my device and was timing it due to the general frustration I've had with ultra slow boot times.