Sunday, January 28, 2007

Home network

Thanks to the long weekend, I got a chance to spend some time with a hardware service vendor on saturday in repairing (or trying to repair, as mentioned in my previous post) my two home desktop machines.

Result - work in progress :

* Two 20GB HDDs diagnozed dead or not fit for complete use. Now, I'm doing the research on how to salvage those for some kind of use.

* One machine's (Pentium II) motherboard is suspected to have problems. Needs more diagnosis by the vendor.

Luckily one of the machines has been recovered. Albeit I'm now running it with a 2GB (my first machine's HDD, way back from 1997) and a (more recent, as of last year) 200GB HDD combo :)

I think the two 20GB HDDs conked 'cos I haven't bothered using any sort of UPS for a long long time. Need to get one, I'm looking for recommendations.

Salvaged computer spec - 600MHz-P3-Celeron/192MB-SDRAM/2GB&200GB-HDD/DVD-RW/Ethernet/1.44MB-FDD

Other one (trying to be salvaged) - 160MHz-P2/64MB-SDRAM/CD-R/1.44MB-FDD

Still wondering if I actually need a core desktop upgrade - cpu/motherboard/memory/...

Other installed gear - DLink-502T, Linksys-WRT54GL

Things in pipeline:

* External casing for internal DVD/CR drive
* External hard disk drive (or) external casing for internal HDD (if available)
* Wireless LAN card (if second machine becomes operational)

Keeping my fingers crossed on how the whole thing will turn out and how my home network will look in the near future.

What do you have at home ?

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Kubuntu on my laptop

Update: Snapshot of my Kubuntu (Live) desktop

I've been wanting to do this for such a long time, have finally managed it today !!

Running Kubuntu on my computer - just for the heck of it (all those rave reviews have indeed caught my fancy and attention for a long time now) !

My two desktop computers at home are dead for some time now (hopefully getting them repaired this weekend). My home laptop being used by my wife runs Win XP Home and can't be touched for my experiments ;-) Work laptop runx Win XP Pro and can't actually be messed either.

However, thanks to Kubuntu's Live/Install CD, I'm right now running the live version of Kubuntu on my work laptop without any problem ! And, am writing this post via it. Ain't it cool ?!

Now, to figure out where I'll actually install it.

(Will put up the desktop snapshot later).

Friday, January 26, 2007

More reasons for less posts ...

Apart from all the usual reasons that one gives for lesser and lesser blog posts, one of my major ones is that I've begun blogging at office. My division in my company has a portal which includes blogs for almost all employees. Beginning about two months ago, I've written a few occasional pieces - most of which are of internal consumption only (aka company confidential). So my "urge" to write or "think aloud" is finding another outlet :)

Go HCL !!

"New" RSS Screensaver ...

In an earlier post titled "RSS Screensaver" posted sometime in Jun-2006, I'd talked about MSN RSS Screensaver and NuParadigm's RSS Screensaver.

A few weeks ago (or prolly more than a month), I stumbled across Newsgator's RSS Screensaver. I like the flexibility that it provides in selecting and managing feeds (integrates with a newsgator account). However, it does miss some of the convenience that MSN RSS SS provides (detailed news about a post, images from selected directories as background, temperature/stock ticker, etc), but is definitely in the right direction.

For all those RSS fans out there, go get it !!