Sunday, January 28, 2007

Home network

Thanks to the long weekend, I got a chance to spend some time with a hardware service vendor on saturday in repairing (or trying to repair, as mentioned in my previous post) my two home desktop machines.

Result - work in progress :

* Two 20GB HDDs diagnozed dead or not fit for complete use. Now, I'm doing the research on how to salvage those for some kind of use.

* One machine's (Pentium II) motherboard is suspected to have problems. Needs more diagnosis by the vendor.

Luckily one of the machines has been recovered. Albeit I'm now running it with a 2GB (my first machine's HDD, way back from 1997) and a (more recent, as of last year) 200GB HDD combo :)

I think the two 20GB HDDs conked 'cos I haven't bothered using any sort of UPS for a long long time. Need to get one, I'm looking for recommendations.

Salvaged computer spec - 600MHz-P3-Celeron/192MB-SDRAM/2GB&200GB-HDD/DVD-RW/Ethernet/1.44MB-FDD

Other one (trying to be salvaged) - 160MHz-P2/64MB-SDRAM/CD-R/1.44MB-FDD

Still wondering if I actually need a core desktop upgrade - cpu/motherboard/memory/...

Other installed gear - DLink-502T, Linksys-WRT54GL

Things in pipeline:

* External casing for internal DVD/CR drive
* External hard disk drive (or) external casing for internal HDD (if available)
* Wireless LAN card (if second machine becomes operational)

Keeping my fingers crossed on how the whole thing will turn out and how my home network will look in the near future.

What do you have at home ?

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Nirenjan Krishnan said...

My home network comprises of a NetGEAR WGR614v5 802.11b/g router, wired to 1 desktop PC, one free RJ-45 port and one 8 port hub, which in turn is connected to 1 desktop PC and 2 free RJ-45 ports. Two laptops are connected over wireless.

Don't waste your money on an external hard disk. You can get an external 3.5" drive casing for about Rs. 800-1000, or if you get a laptop drive, you can get a 2.5" casing for about Rs. 250-300. The advantage of the 2.5" casing is that it runs using only USB bus power, but you'll have a hard time finding very high capacity drives. On the other hand, a standard ATA (not SATA) hard disk casing requires an external supply, but the capacity of the drive is much more.

I think NetGEAR also offers some NAS solutions, so you could just plug in your drive and access it from the network.