Friday, July 29, 2005

Interesting story on disclosure ...

Cisco, Security Researcher settle dispute

Ambivert ...

One of my friends had this emailid which had the word "ambivert" in it. Looking up dictionary, I found that it mean someone who had the personality traits of both an extrovert and an introvert.

Now, isn't each and everyone of us an ambivert ? Who are you - introvert / extrovert / ambivert or maybe even something else ?!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

DVD collection ...

My uncle was looking for the following movies

Wild Bunch - William Holden (1969)
The Professionals - Burt Lancaster (1966)
The Train - Burt Lancaster (1965)
Seven Days in May - Burt Lancaster (1964)
Run Silent, Run Deep - Clark Gable (1958)
Vera Cruz - Gary Cooper (1954)
Once Upon a Time in the West - Henry Fonda (1968)
Gunfight at the O.K. Corral - Burt Lancaster (1957)
Flame and the Arrow - Burt Lancaster (1950)
Crimson Pirate - Burt Lancaster (1952)
Rio Bravo - John Wayne (1959)
How the west was won - Henry Fonda (1963) seems to be offering all of the above (new dvds) at $146.14. Anyone knows where I can get better deals ?

Blind Teen Amazes With Video-Game Skills

Interesting article !! Shows how much difference determination can make !!

Blind Teen Amazes With Video-Game Skills

So out of the blog world ...

for the past couple of months and prolly so for another few months. Just miss catching upon the world in my most favorite manner. I'll be back some time soon !! Just you wait !! Till then, stay tuned for (hopefully at least some very) infrequent updates.

The actual reason for the previous post ...

Not having mentioned it earlier, it's time to mention the silly things that copyright laws and their enforcement can bring.

Read the following article for the debacle on the new Harry Potter book publication and sale where 14 customers who bought the book (unknowingly ?) before the official sale date were asked to stop from reading it further, return the books & notes prepared, declare name & address & phone-numbers of people with who they had discussed it and so on and so forth !!

Isn't there something called a "right to read" ? Or am I missing the whole point of the people on the "other" side ?

I've finally succumbed ...

to reading Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince full plot summary in Wikipedia (thank the free world) !

I learnt of the full plot page on Wikipedia, thanks to RMS !! The spoiler about the death in this book is available from RMS himself here.

Of course, for those who've read about the book, all this is obsolete info :)

Monday, July 04, 2005

Quick tip: Booking train tickets with credit card ...

Summary: Don't use the Credit Card as long as you have another option.

A couple of days ago, I personally visited the train ticket booking counter to do some bulk ticket purchasing. Now, in Chennai Central Suburban Reservation Complex, I found that the credit card and bulk booking counters on floor 2 were quite empty and was pleasantly surprised at the teeny-weeny queue of about 3-4 people in these.

Only when I'd approached the counter did I understand why. Credit cards get charged an additional Rs.30 per ticket (6 people max in each ticket). While that's ok for a small number, if you have to do a huge bulk booking, it can become not so comfortable.

On top of that, your credit card company may additionally charge 2.5% on the entire transaction !!

The tough part is that if you have to cancel any of the names on the ticket, the card holder has to once again personally visit the counter. Tough luck !

Happy journey.