Friday, June 19, 2009

Recommendations for wishlist resource

Any recommendations for a good wish list resource that I can use online? I know there's one on

Froogle - not easily shareable unless you want to expose your email-id/email the wish list

P.S: In case you are wondering why I need a wish list, hint - aikoN 79n ;-)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

And there's goes facebook vanity URL

Hmm, missed to get my first name vanity url on facebook in a matter of 2 seconds or so. So, got my usually available favorite.

In any case, you can reach me on

facebook at
orkut at
linkedin at

my blog at
humor blog at

Friday, June 12, 2009

Slideshow missing for photos on Facebook

I don't see a slideshow option for the photo albums (appearing in friends' pages) on Facebook. Is it just me or does it strike as odd for everyone ? Or am I missing something ?

On a different note, the wait for facebook profile page must be agonizing for those who have been on the platform for ages and now want to make a mark :)

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Flood of social networking, blogger import into orkut ?

So, there's orkut, facebook, blogger, linkedin,twitter that I'm on. Or atleast those that I can remember of. Not that I'm regular on any of these :)

All that I need is one master aggregator that will pull content from all of these and show it to me in one place, along with an ability to publish to each of these (in a controlled manner). Dreaming too much ? :) Anyone have heard of anything like this ? Using anything like it ?

On a related note, how do I publish my blog to orkut ? I found a way to do this for facebook (via the application -> notes -> import external blog). That makes life a little bit easier.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Need recommendation for good neurologist in Chennai

Any recommendations for a good neurologist (neurophysician) in Chennai? Any personal experiences to share about?

Need info for treatment of persistent headache (about 15days now and still counting) for my dad. Under some medication, but that's not really helping.

If it's not too much to ask, recommendation of doctor preferably in and around

KK Nagar/Ashok Nagar

in that order. However, proximity doesn't really matter if a good doctor is far away.

Kindly ask around/pass on this request in case you can solicit information from your friends' circle. They can reach me by posting a comment to this blog or dropping an email at

sudhir [at] lakkaraju [dot] net
sudhirlp [at] gmail [dot] com

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Vodafone penalizes customer $$ for solicited feedback

Catchy headline ? Not catchy enough ? Anyway. Here's the deal.

If you have registered a complaint or have had an interaction with a vodafone customer care personnel (in India), there's a chance you will get an sms requesting for feedback whether you are satisfied with the interaction or the case handling/closure. It also states very clearly that the reply is to their TOLL FREE NUMBER.

However, if you are naive enough to reply to that number while in roaming within any part of the country - WHAM!! You'll get hit with a significant roaming sms charge - although it was they who wanted to know your feedback in order to "improve quality of service" !!


Talking to their customer care about their misleading messaging is pointless. They promised to take the feedback to the "concerned department" - now we all know what that means !!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Yahoo Email Import

A few years ago (2005 time frame), I wrote to the Gmail team asking for the ability to import email from other accounts via POP. That wish is finally coming true now.

I've been able to successfully import from Yahoo, without even enabling POP on Yahoo !! Yay !! Go Google, Go Gmail !

Adsense Confusion

My friend at work brought up the topic that his adsense application was repeatedly rejected with very generic reasons for about 3 times till it was finally approved.

This conversation reminded me of my way-back (2004/05) adsense "adventure" earlier (Google Ad Sense, Google Adsense and me) , and I decided to enabled adsense for my blog on trial basis.

Although I have enabled Adsense for my blog, I don't know which account is being used, whether my "way-back" account (not with google) is still active, etc. Will get to know in a couple of days.

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So, coming to the topic of will I take it out once I find out whether/how it works, I think I know now what I will do with my earlier confusion. I will donate the amount (if any) to an NGO that my cousin runs - Surabi.
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