Friday, May 27, 2011

Internet & Smartphone pangs in the night?

The "Sleepless? Then Stop Taking Your iPhone To Bed." article @ Gigaom reminds me of myself at times! It's a different thing I don't have a smartphone.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Moserbaer Super DVD - M&E industry dilemma?

Moserbaer is one of India's largest CD/DVD manufacturers. They also happen to sell movie VCDs/DVDs in retail format as well as online @ MoserBaerHomeVideo.

Most of their online DVDs are Rs.99/- or so. However, they have something called the SuperDVD which is usually 3 movies @ Rs.30 to Rs.50 or thereabouts. The video quality is very good, only thing is they miss subtitles.

Interestingly, while their online catalog shows VCDs and regular DVDs which are priced close to the 3 digit number (Rs.100/-), they don't list the SuperDVDs. I don't think it's unintentional. Just shows that they are scared everyone will order only those online and regular business may get affected. However, IMHO, if that's indeed the case, it just shows how short sighted they are. They are fighting the inevitable.

Growing Impatient?

For a while nowadays, I can't wait to completely read a book or watch a movie. I tend to the read the plot/synopsis/story line online before completing the book/movie (very often as soon as the movie starts and has gone on for a few mins). This wasn't the case earlier! What's happening? :)

My adsense account disabled! Google Vs Facebook. Social Networking ...

Given the long hiatus from my blog and the apparent lack of a huge readership group, here's what I got!

One thing that bothers me when I have to blog stuff is that I've to think about a title. Seriously! Facebook is much easier with the simple "what's your status?" update. Of course, it's a "closed" group, so I'd end up posting a bit more on it than on a public blog and most of my personal, day-to-day contacts are connected via it - so hopefully, they are a bit more "informed" that what comes via this medium (blog). Does make me wonder that Google is so close to losing it on the social networking front!



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