Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Broadband: Tariff information for leading Indian ISPs ...

Broadband Tariff Information (Courtesy: ISource Updates)

The site also has information on Cell Subscriber Figures, Basic Subscriber Figures, Internet Subscriber Figures, Cellular Tariffs, GSM Handset Prices !! Check it out !!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Need recommendations for DSL modem/router ...

Can someone recommend a good DSL modem/router available in Indian market (preferably) and the price that it comes at ? Or, please give me details about good options for both of these so that I can select one for myself. Current platform for usage is Win2K desktop without wireless, however that may change in the future / and or other machines may get added to what may become a home network. If it's a modem, it must have USB connection. Understandably, firewall, wireless services, etc are good to have features.

If there are other things that need to be considered, please do speak out your thoughts.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Intel trials on Net over power lines in India soon

Two days after Broadband Over Power Lines (BPL) was commercially launched in US by Comtek, Intel Corp on Thursday announced in Bangalore that it would launch a trial phase in India in the next eight weeks.


The concept of internet over power lines has been there for over a decade but there have been practical difficulties in the way of its implementation. BPL is transmitted over a high frequency signal that doesn’t interfere with power transmission. Opponents of BPL say that it may interfere with Ham and other radio systems.


Read complete story here. (Financial Express)

Friday, October 07, 2005

Referrals bring in the moolah ...


Juniper hands out $2,500 (Rs 1.1 lakh) to its employees for every referred candidate hired. At Cisco it is $2,000 (Rs 88,000). Chip-maker Intel pays a compartively modest Rs 40,000, while at Big Blue it is a combination of cash and non-cash incentives. While the traditional practice of rewarding referees continues to be popular, innovation is happening at the referral practice too. The Indian subsidiary of Juniper, the company that supplies networking and security solutions, recently had a bash for its employees at a fancy restaurant in Bangalore.


Read the complete story here (Courtesy: Economic Times).

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Life before and after marriage ...

Life before marriage is AIRTEL-" u can express u r self".

After marriage is RELIANCE-"Always get in Touch".

After Honeymoon is HUTCH-" Wherever u go our network follows".

After one year Life is IDEA-"An idea (read as A "wife") can change ur life".

After 10 years Life is BSNL -"Subscriber (Husband!) is not reachable".

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Comment spam is increasing on blogger.com ...

Well, comment spam is on the rise nowadays. And, to a very large extent. I'm receiving several comments starting with the usual "Nice blog ...", but then proceeding to solicit me to visit some xyz site to make $$$ !!

Makes me wonder if I should turn off commenting. Let me wait and see. If blogger.com started a "block/ban" commentor option, or something like that, it'd get interesting. Of course, there are many ways to try and beat the system, still something'd be worth a try.

Update: Forgot that blogger.com had "Word Verification". Turned it on. Let's see if that reduces the nuisance !

Brutal incident ...

It first started as an email forward and I received the info from multiple sources in just one single day. Authenticity was not confirmed till a colleague at office said he knew the person in question and that the incident was true. Now, major newspapers have picked it up.

Sounds almost like a thriller novel (apologies for appearing to scintillate the incident).

Link: RPF assaults IT firm employee (Deccan Herald)