Friday, June 24, 2005

Indian cracks Microsoft's anti-piracy program

An Indian researcher has breached the much-touted "impenetrable" Windows Genuine Advantage of Microsoft.

Bangalore-based Debasis Mohanty has cracked WGA through an "easy-to-exploit" weakness in the software for generating illegal copies of the Windows XP programme.


Read the complete article here.

Need recommendations to buy Canon A510 ...

In a few weeks from now, I'm hoping to buy a Canon A510 digital camera (lemme know if there's other models on similar lines that I need to consider).

Any ideas on where I'd get good deals in the US ? I can see prices quoted between $166 to $199 (look towards the end of this review for retailer info) and need to know who are reputed and reliable retailers. I can't wait too long for a mail-in rebate or some such. Will probably have just about a week to snatch it from a shop (unless I order it earlier and have it delivered to someone overseas).

FWIW, I do have a Canon Rebel 2000 SLR (non-digital) and I can't burn a hole in my pocket to replace the body of that with a digital one :( Anyone donating me one ? ;-)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Book Tag & Timeless ...

I'd been tagged a few days ago by Visithra to do the "Book" thing. Need to find time :)

Truth be speaking, there's so much to read and so little time. And these days are much more hectic than have ever been in my life ;-) Hope to get out of this "timeless" state in a few years time :)

I've been invited - by Odeo ...

For those who don't have a clue on what/who Odeo is, it's time to visit their site Odeo. From, Evan Williams, one of the founders of, hopes to do to podcasting what did to blogging. Let's wait and watch. In the meanwhile, if you haven't yet got an account or been invited, sit there and turn green :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

What the recent fule price hike can end up doing to me !! :)

Parents at different ages ...


At 4 Years
My daddy is great.

At 6 Years
My daddy knows everybody.

At 10 Years
My daddy is good but is short tempered

At 12 Years
My daddy was very nice to me when I was young .

At 14 Years
My daddy is getting fastidious.

At 16 Years
My daddy is not in line with the current times.

At 18 Years
My daddy is becoming increasingly cranky.

At 20 Years
Oh! Its becoming difficult to tolerate daddy. Wonder how Mother puts up with him.

At 25 Years
Daddy is objecting to everything.

At 30 Years
It's becoming difficult to manage my son. I was so scared of my father when I was young.

At 40 Years
Daddy brought me up with so much discipline. Even I should do the same.

At 45 Years
I am baffled as to how my daddy brought us up.

At 50 Years
My daddy faced so many hardships to bring us up. I am unable to manage a single son.

At 55 Years
My daddy was so far sighted and planned so many things for us. He is one of his kind and unique.

At 60 Years
My daddy is great.

As a consequence, it took 56 years to complete the cycle and come back to the 1st stage. Recognize the factual worth of your parents before its too late.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Thunderbird and Firefox SUCK big time ...

Having been an avid supporter of oopensource and freeware products for almost 7 years of my professional life, it's time to throw in the towel as far as user experience regarding the above two products is concerned. I've grown really sick of the huge memory bloats these software are. Firefox and Thunderbird take a whopping 100-200MB each (and always growing) of my machines memory and bring a P4 2.4GHz with 512MB DDRAM to a crawling speed.

Long ago (a few years ago), I'd tried out Eudora 4.x and it used to occupy a measly footprint of 16MB at all times (or almost). Of course, it didn't have esoteric features nor did it have all the authentication mechanisms. Apart from these "downsides", my major problem with it was that it didn't have an option to forward messages "as attachments". That, IMO, is a major drawback in corporate world.

Any recommendations ? I still want freeware :)

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Isn't perspective a wonderful thing?

One day a father of a very wealthy family took his son on a trip to the country with the firm purpose of showing his son how poor people live. They spent a couple of days and nights on the farm of what would be considered a very poor family. On their return from the trip, the father asked his son, "Did you enjoy the trip?"

"It was great Dad."

"Did you see how poor people live?" the father asked.

"Oh yeah," said the son.

"So, tell me, what did you learn from the trip?" asked the father.

The son answered: "I saw that we have one dog and they have four. We have a pool that reaches to the middle of our garden and they have a creek that has no end. We have imported lanterns in our garden and they have the stars at night. Our patio reaches to the front yard and they have the whole horizon. We have a small piece of land to live on and they have fields that go beyond our sight. We have servants who serve us, but they serve others. We buy our food, but they grow theirs. We have walls around our property to protect us, they have friends to protect them."

The boy’s father was speechless.

Then his son added, "Thanks, Dad, for showing me how poor we are."

Isn't perspective a wonderful thing?

Makes you wonder what would happen if we all gave thanks for everything we have, instead of worrying about what we don't have.

Appreciate every single thing you have -- especially your friends!

"Life is too short and friends are too few."

Friday, June 17, 2005

When a boy Vs. When a girl ...

Click image to see larger picture:

Click image to see larger picture:

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Indica : Starter motor problems and extended warranty ...

Last saturday, my Indica V2 DLS (Mar' 2003) conked off in the middle of the road at around 9.30pm. I was traveling on low gears (with the A/C on) for quite some time due to extremely heavy traffic conditions.

When I called up the emergency Concorde helpline number (98410-22244), I was informed that it mostly could be problem with the starter motor and that it was a known and frequent recent problem ! The solution was either allowing the engine to cool down for around 30-45 mins or pushing the vehicle in 2nd gear and starting it in motion will be a quickfix. I waited for about 45mins with no luck at starting and then used the other approach successfully.

When I took my vehicle to the service station on 15-Jun, Concorde motors (Guindy), I was told that it would take anywhere between Rs.1800-2500 to correct this problem. I then asked if this was covered under extended warranty and they asked for my booklet. Under the parts covered section, "Starter motor and solenoid" were the first entry. They however wanted to supposedly confirm if this would be covered with their Bombay office and have today called up my residence and informed them that it would not be covered and expense would have to be my own !!

The question is : if it's mentioned in the extended warranty booklet and they refuse to carry out the repairs on the charges, moreso when they very well know that this is a known, frequent problem, what is the recourse I have ?

Have others faced this problem and what is your recommendation on how to deal with this ?

[ Indica V2 DLS, 24201km, Chennai, Mar 2003 ]

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Bangalore: Hot and hotter (India Vs. China ... and much more by Thomas L Friedman)

By Thomas L Friedman.

Every time I visit India, Indians always ask me to compare India with China. Lately, I have responded like this: If India and China were both highways, the Chinese highway would be a six-lane, perfectly paved road, but with a huge speed bump off in the distance labeled "Political reform: how in the world do we get from Communism to a more open society?" When 1.3 billion people going 80 miles an hour hit a speed bump, one of two things happens: Either the car flies into the air and slams down, and all the parts hold together and it keeps on moving - or the car flies into the air, slams down and all the wheels fall off. Which it will be with China, I don't know. India, by contrast, is like a highway full of potholes, with no sidewalks and half the streetlamps broken. But off in the distance, the road seems to smooth out, and if it does, this country will be a dynamo. The question is: Is that smoother road in the distance a mirage or the real thing?


Read the complete article here.

And, FWIW, there was an interesting 1 hour interview on NDTV "Walk the Talk" with Thomas L Friedman last weekend.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Autorickshaw complaint number for Bangalore ...

Don't know how true this is. Came in via a forwarded email. Take it with a pinch of salt. If anyone knows that this is true or can confirm it, please do let me know.

During the last 6 month in Bangalore, I perceived that local commutation here is really exasperating, particularly when you rely on Public transport and has not plan for your own conveyance. I am trying to take some steps, I don't know weather it will be prolific or not, for that i talked to controller office of Auto Unit. That person ensured that no auto person is allowed to ask 1.5 times of charges before 10:00 PM , neither the Auto person will be given extra money during rain. I 've suffered a lot due to auto behavior that during rain or even at 8:00 they start asking extra money.

So there are Auto Complain Unit phone no (Bangalore),please note these -


Please be proactive atleast for the things you can really be benefited. Any time you phase any problem related to Auto Rickshaw call to these no, telling the Auto no. Please also try to spread as much awareness as you can. Together we can make the place better for living.

What do you think ?

Came in via email. Usually, I don't bite such. But then no harm in just passing it around ;-) What do you think about this ?

How the company views its employees. (HE VS SHE) (and belive me ....MOST of them are true! Arent they ? )

1. The family picture is on HIS desk.
Ah, a solid, responsible family man.

The family picture is on HER desk.
Umm, her family will come before her career.

2. HIS desk is cluttered.
He's obviously a hard worker and a busy man.

HER desk is cluttered.
She's obviously a disorganised scatterbrain

3. HE is talking with his co-workers.
He must be discussing the latest deal

SHE is talking with her co-workers.
She must be gossiping.

4. HE's not at his desk. He must be at a meeting.
SHE's not at her desk. She must be in the ladies' room.

5. HE's not in the office. He's meeting with customers.
SHE's not in the office. She must be out shopping.

6. HE's having lunch with the boss. He's on his way up.
SHE's having lunch with the boss. They must be having an affair.

7. The boss criticised HIM.
He'll improve his performance.

The boss criticised HER.
She'll be very upset.

8. HE got an unfair deal.
Did he get angry?

SHE got an unfair deal.
Did she cry?

9. HE's getting married. He'll get more settled.
SHE's getting married. She'll get pregnant and leave.

10. HE's having a baby. He'll need a raise.
SHE's having a baby. She'll cost the company money in maternity benefits.

11. HE's going on a business trip.
It's good for his career.

SHE's going on a business trip.
What does her husband say?

12. HE's leaving for a better job.
He knows how to recognise a good opportunity.

SHE's leaving for a better job.
Women are not dependable.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Google Desktop Search Update ...

Looks like Google Desktop Search is being updated automatically after a long time. Somehow, I don't like the fact that the update is happening without my explicit knowledge/acceptance.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Samsung conducts all India free service camp

Samsung India is organising a 9-day Free Service Camp for all Samsung Consumer Electronics, Home Appliance, Colour Monitors, Laser Beam Printers and Telecom products between 28th May 2005 and 5th June 2005. A consumer can just walk in with his product at any of the Samsung Service Plazas or Samsung authorised service centres and get it serviced, or register a service call for onsite service on the toll-free helpline number 3030 8282 or 1600110011 for BSNL/MTNL subscribers between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM. Service calls can be registered online at as well.


Read the complete article here.

Yahoo's all new Photomail (IE5.5 or above reqd.)

Yahoo has introduced yet another good service, Photomail. This requires IE (internet Explorer) 5.5 or above in order to work.

Access it here:

All you have to do is to install a 1.11 mb file from

Then, it will be easy to send and recieve photos through Yahoo Mail.