Friday, June 24, 2005

Need recommendations to buy Canon A510 ...

In a few weeks from now, I'm hoping to buy a Canon A510 digital camera (lemme know if there's other models on similar lines that I need to consider).

Any ideas on where I'd get good deals in the US ? I can see prices quoted between $166 to $199 (look towards the end of this review for retailer info) and need to know who are reputed and reliable retailers. I can't wait too long for a mail-in rebate or some such. Will probably have just about a week to snatch it from a shop (unless I order it earlier and have it delivered to someone overseas).

FWIW, I do have a Canon Rebel 2000 SLR (non-digital) and I can't burn a hole in my pocket to replace the body of that with a digital one :( Anyone donating me one ? ;-)

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