Thursday, June 16, 2005

Indica : Starter motor problems and extended warranty ...

Last saturday, my Indica V2 DLS (Mar' 2003) conked off in the middle of the road at around 9.30pm. I was traveling on low gears (with the A/C on) for quite some time due to extremely heavy traffic conditions.

When I called up the emergency Concorde helpline number (98410-22244), I was informed that it mostly could be problem with the starter motor and that it was a known and frequent recent problem ! The solution was either allowing the engine to cool down for around 30-45 mins or pushing the vehicle in 2nd gear and starting it in motion will be a quickfix. I waited for about 45mins with no luck at starting and then used the other approach successfully.

When I took my vehicle to the service station on 15-Jun, Concorde motors (Guindy), I was told that it would take anywhere between Rs.1800-2500 to correct this problem. I then asked if this was covered under extended warranty and they asked for my booklet. Under the parts covered section, "Starter motor and solenoid" were the first entry. They however wanted to supposedly confirm if this would be covered with their Bombay office and have today called up my residence and informed them that it would not be covered and expense would have to be my own !!

The question is : if it's mentioned in the extended warranty booklet and they refuse to carry out the repairs on the charges, moreso when they very well know that this is a known, frequent problem, what is the recourse I have ?

Have others faced this problem and what is your recommendation on how to deal with this ?

[ Indica V2 DLS, 24201km, Chennai, Mar 2003 ]

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