Sunday, June 12, 2005

Autorickshaw complaint number for Bangalore ...

Don't know how true this is. Came in via a forwarded email. Take it with a pinch of salt. If anyone knows that this is true or can confirm it, please do let me know.

During the last 6 month in Bangalore, I perceived that local commutation here is really exasperating, particularly when you rely on Public transport and has not plan for your own conveyance. I am trying to take some steps, I don't know weather it will be prolific or not, for that i talked to controller office of Auto Unit. That person ensured that no auto person is allowed to ask 1.5 times of charges before 10:00 PM , neither the Auto person will be given extra money during rain. I 've suffered a lot due to auto behavior that during rain or even at 8:00 they start asking extra money.

So there are Auto Complain Unit phone no (Bangalore),please note these -


Please be proactive atleast for the things you can really be benefited. Any time you phase any problem related to Auto Rickshaw call to these no, telling the Auto no. Please also try to spread as much awareness as you can. Together we can make the place better for living.

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Sandhya said...


I checked on those numbers. The first number is not the right one. The third no. is fine. They take complaints for the following reasons:
1. Faulty meter.
2. Extra collection of money
In these cases, the auto number has to be noted and a brief description of the incident has to be given.
I do not know the effectiveness or the benefit to you for such complaints. However, in the longer run these problems may be less.
The most common problem faced by people is, auto drivers refusing to transport customers to certain places during certain hours(heart of the city during the peak hours). This cannot be addressed by these authorities.