Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Google Adsense and me ...

I don't know if I'd mentioned this earlier: I had earlier almost wanted to try out Google Adsense on my blog but stopped short of implemeting it, for reasons of tax implications and the feeling of trying to make money off my readers.

Recently, the urge to give back to Google (Google Ads gives them money, and they give me some part of it) dominated my mind to such an extent that I did apply for a Google Ads account. I filled up all the necessary stuff and sent the form out for approval, and my site was approved in a short time.

However, my earlier concerns caused me to stop in my tracks once more and I didn't put up the ads in my page. After a few days, Google (surprisingly) sent me a note saying that I had not yet applied the Google Ads code I asked for and wanted to know if I needed any assistance.

I replied to them asking if I could get a version of Google Ads that didn't give me the money (and if necessary indicate the Ads Banner in such a manner), I just wanted them to have it all ! How generous of me ! ;-) They said "no, that ain't possible, we have to give some of it to you". I wrote back to them asking if I could automatically donate it to some charity (without ever getting the money) and they again said "no, we don't have such a mechanism at the moment".

I really wish I could give back something to them for all the wonderful things that Google is providing for me, and without putting their Ads *and* getting some part of it, I can't appear to do this. And, I don't want the money - no, I can't give it to you either :) Catch-22 ?!

And, I know that a lot of my readers read my page via the RSS/ATOM feed. So, the ads may not even be clicked to such an extent. I'm just a tad bit sad that I had to engage the resources of some individual (probably) to verify my site for this Ads stuff in the first place (understandably, probing the site for ads to be put up is automatic).

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