Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Vodafone penalizes customer $$ for solicited feedback

Catchy headline ? Not catchy enough ? Anyway. Here's the deal.

If you have registered a complaint or have had an interaction with a vodafone customer care personnel (in India), there's a chance you will get an sms requesting for feedback whether you are satisfied with the interaction or the case handling/closure. It also states very clearly that the reply is to their TOLL FREE NUMBER.

However, if you are naive enough to reply to that number while in roaming within any part of the country - WHAM!! You'll get hit with a significant roaming sms charge - although it was they who wanted to know your feedback in order to "improve quality of service" !!


Talking to their customer care about their misleading messaging is pointless. They promised to take the feedback to the "concerned department" - now we all know what that means !!

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