Monday, September 08, 2003

US H1-B visa ban to hit 65,000 Indians:

Filling the gaps in a jigsaw puzzle:
[[ Sudhir - Great article on entrepreneurship!!
Good read for management students and managers. ]]

Motorola: Recharged
You've heard it all before. But this time,
Motorola really is back.
[[ Sudhir - Nice article on brand management ]]

Is Java Finished:

Now Hear This:
Forbes, Christopher Helman, 09.15.03
A new ultrasound system can zap a laserlike channel
of sound over hundreds of feet to just one pair of
ears in a crowd--a perfect pitch for marketers.

K Birla is richest Asian under 40 years:
Kumaramangalam Birla, with a personal wealh of $1.3
billion, has been ranked Asia's richest person below
the age of 40 by Fortune. He is tenth on the global
top 40 list.

Hi-tech solutions for India's train crashes:
India's vast rail network is set to get hi-tech
solutions to prevent the recurring major crashes
that blight its reputation.

GSM-CDMA fracas to end soon: Shourie

Digital library: Free, anytime access for all:
IMAGINE a library that is free, allows readers to
access books and manuscripts at any time of the day,
on all days of the year and never tells a borrower
that the book he or she wants is "out". These are
just a few of the features the Digital Library of
India will offer visitors.

Google celebrates fifth birthday:
Everyone knows the logo The world's most popular site
for searching the web, Google, is five years old.

"We've Made Bad Security Tradeoffs":
Author Bruce Schneier discusses why the Patriot Act
and other anti-terror measures mean "giving up a lot
-- and not getting very much"

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