Friday, November 07, 2003

The Country, the People, & Doing Business


The article below, in Business World (27-Oct edition), provides
some "alleged insight" into the working of the nation. Makes one
wonder what is it that both attracts and repels people from investing
in that country. Their policies are flaky, laws overlook overtures by
local companies, ... Yet, they are _the_ upcoming giants.
Obviously, they are a huge market, provide very good infrastructure,
cheap labor, ...

Someone care to throw more light / insight ? Anyone whoz involved
in dealing with China and can speak about the rationale or whoz
studying it ?
The Country, the People, & Doing Business:
"How can an Indian firm considering an investment in China sort
through the myths and realities of the enigmatic country? While
there is no secret formula for success, there is a list of dos
and don'ts. BW leads you into the Middle Kingdom and shows what
it takes to be successful behind the bamboo curtain."

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