Thursday, November 13, 2003

BITS has an online education portal ...


BITS (Birla Institute of Technology & Science) has an online education portal ...


that allows one to view recorded sessions and participate in live
(interactive) sessions. Much like the Direcwav Platform that I'm
using for a PGCBM from XLRI, this thing is more convenient in
that it enables ease of use for those who want to view it from
external world / via the web (and not just the centers).

As is clearly evident, the advantage is that people who have the
bandwidth can easily view it from wherever they want, whenever
they want and how many ever times they want. This is as
convenient as it can get.

If this model is combined with the present delivery system and
optional archive access at the centers (for those who don't have
convenient internet access), it could mean the best of both worlds
and a win-win situation for everybody.

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