Friday, November 07, 2003


Some interesting articles (URLs given towards the end).

The first one on China provides some "alleged insight" into
the working of the nation. Makes one wonder what is it that
both attracts and repels people from investing in that country.
Their policies are flaky, laws overlook overtures by local
companies, ... Yet, they are _the_ upcoming giants.

The second one (in today's ET's CD) discusses why it is becoming
imperative for companies to innovate. How they need to deal with
disruptive technologies, incubate and foster innovation and at
the same time look at increasing their capabilities in core
strengths. Provides a brief opinion on where companies like
Infosys or Wipro have to start looking in order to be able to
compete with the likes of IBM and Accenture.

I haven't yet read the third one completely, but I guess it
should be an interesting one too

Happy reading and musing.


The Country, the People, & Doing Business:
"How can an Indian firm considering an investment in China sort
through the myths and realities of the enigmatic country? While
there is no secret formula for success, there is a list of dos
and don'ts. BW leads you into the Middle Kingdom and shows what
it takes to be successful behind the bamboo curtain."

Innovate boldly & beautifully:
"Systems can be compatible with innovation, says the author of
The Innovator's Dilemma."

Changing CEOs for the better:
Successful leaders don't like critical feedback. They believe
they're successful because of what they are. So how do you get
them to change?

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