Friday, September 12, 2003

This Indian turned $300 into a franchise empire:

Get 25,000-watt music via your mobile phone:

India, Inc. swings it 'round, pays out increments
of up to 25%:

IBM respects employees' privacy most:

The Risks of Getting Tough with China:
Lawmakers who want to punish Beijing for declining to
revalue the yuan don't recognize that the unintended
consequences could be dire

AT&T to invest $3 billion in 2003 for global network:
Plans include moving to optics-based architecture, having
edge-to-edge connectivity

No Americans Need Apply:
Daniel Soong, who lost his programming job to Indian
offshore companies, is willing to relocate to India.
But Indian officials have told him they don't hire

Torvalds to SCO: Negotiate what?
Linux creator says there is no proof of copyright infringement

Cabinet approves mission to Moon:
The Union government on Thursday night approved the
Mission for Moon in 2008 ...

Romania cheaper than India for outsourcing:

Fortune Small Business:


MANAGING: Start Me Up:
The California garage became a legendary place to rev up new
business ideas.,15114,475872,00.html

MARKETING: Hugh Hefner's Marketing Secrets
Playboy's founder reveals how he built his empire.,15114,474264,00.html

FINANCE: The Power Behind Paychex
Tom Golisano made himself rich by offering payroll processing to
the small entrepreneurs whom his competitors neglected.,15114,475599,00.html

TECHNOLOGY: Cyber Safety for the Small Business
Protect yourself from computer viruses without spending a fortune.,15704,480438,00.html


MANAGING: Is It Time to Start Your Own Business?
Here are five questions to ask yourself before you take the
plunge, from FORTUNE's career columnist Anne Fisher.,15704,483841,00.html

MARKETING: Frank Perdue's Marketing Strategies
Frank Perdue's groundbreaking television ads revolutionized an
industry in 1971. He tells how he masterminded the growth of his
empire in his own words.,15114,475608,00.html

FINANCE: Charles Schwab: The Secret to Staying Power
Wall Street tried to drive him out of business. But the king of
cheap brokerage fees was too powerful to stop.,15114,475871,00.html

TECHNOLOGY: Why Intel Succeeded
Gordon Moore has kept a low profile as one of Intel's founders
but he helped usher in the computer age. He looks back at how the
company became a powerhouse.,15114,475592,00.html

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