Friday, October 03, 2003


I was out again, visiting the famous "Bull Temple" in Blr'. It's a gigantic statue of Nandhi (the "transport medium" for Lord Shiva). And then we spent some time "shopping" at Gandhi Bazaar. My mom didn't get her required design of "katthipeeta" (a word in Telugu) inspite of searching for more than at least 1/2 an hour. It appears that people don't like to make useful things any more :)

We got some sweets and savouries from some shop there. And had lunch at hotel "Kadambam". Not too good a place, but provides a decent meal at Rs.25 or so.

And then in the evening, I took the short walk to Brigade Road (visiting LifeStyle and Shopper's Stop enroute). I desperately wanted to buy a casette (yeah I still listen to those you know, my car has a casette player only 'cos CDs are still expensive if you want the legal versions) of the Tamil movie "Kakka Kakka". While it wud cost only Rs.30+, I finally ended up spending around 2K at Music World !! Got the following:

1. Enigma 5
2. Greatest Hits of 2003
3. Dream Land - Robert Miles
4. DJ Files 4
5. Kakka Kakka
6. Kaanta Lagaa - DJ Doll
7. A Fastrack Titan watch with a few gizmo features that I'd probably never use :)

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