Monday, November 03, 2003

A few questions related to economics and finance ...


What is "credit policy" as such ? And what is the Indian policy ?
How does it differ in comparison to those of other developed and
developing countries ? What are salient features in ours ? Why
are the salient ?

What exactly is PLR (apart from Prime Lending Rate) ? How is it
arrived at ? Who determines it (I guess each bank by itself) ?
What is the mechanism of operation ?

What is "arbitrage opportunity for foreign debts" ? How does
reducing it slow down $$ inflows ?

What is "overnight foreign exchange exposure" ? How does
reducing it increase $$ demand ?

What are the present restrictions for Indians while investing
abroad ? What can be relaxed amongst them ?

What are "variable repo rates" ? What impact would their introduction
have on money markets ?

What is "repo rate" (rate at which RBI takes money from banks) ?
What is the impact if it is lessened ? Why did this not happen
the last time markets speculated for this ?

What is ADR, GDR ? What is the "conversion route" of getting
them ?

What is our "fiscal responsibility and budget management bill" ?
What is the crux of it ? How does it operate ? Who takes
stock ?

What do the terms swap, credit derivatives, value-at-risk
technique, yield curve modelling, basis capital adequacy,
norms on market and credit risk mean ? Any additional details
about them ?

For occurrences of all of these, read today's (3-Nov-2003) ET.

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