Saturday, October 04, 2003


Saturday was a day for long drives once again. We heard from some of our friends that "dholies" were available for pickup at Shravabelagola and we started for that place. It's about 150kms for Blr and we spent quite some time on the to and fro travel (so much so we got lost for some time while coming back to Blr', and that too within the city !!). My parents and aunt used the "dholie" (it was actually a chair tied on top of two hard sticks that could be carried by 2-4 people) to go up the 641 steps while my cousin and I climbed it. Good exercise !! The view at the top is amazing. The statue has a height of 57 feet and was built around 1000+ years ago. Got some nice snaps there (should be posting them sometime in the future when I develop those rolls).

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