Saturday, September 13, 2003

Ben Glison Jr.'s guilty plea has drawn a five-year sentence
and will cost him more than $1 million, but that won't satisfy
the outrage

From WSJ:
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Computers Learn New Text-Data ABCs :
MIT Technology Review: Many of the world's writing systems
-- from West Africa to the Middle East -- still can't be
read on the Internet, but a group of linguists at the
University of California, Berkeley, is trying to change that.

Sony to Revamp Its Product Lines:
Sony will unveil a sweeping reorganization of its factories
and product lines aimed at turning around its electronic

Electric Grid Vulnerable to Hackers:
Efforts to automate the electric grid after last month's
blackout are making the electricity supply vulnerable to
a different kind of peril: computer viruses and hackers,
according to government researchers

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