Sunday, December 05, 2010

HP India Warranty - being "accommodating"

Further to the earlier problem about my laptop left speaker not working, the rectification required that the entire laptop bottom casing (with touchpad) be replaced. A 21-day valid quote for Rs.3,604/- was provided.

After a little bit of back and back and forth between HP, their local repair assistance Mahaelectronics and me, they "agree" to "consider" my request as a special case and have now indeed replaced the necessary part without any charge under warranty.

I'm now thankful to all those concerned that they did indeed have the wisdom (at least in hindsight) to take care of the request of a genuine long standing customer.

I do however sincerely believe that they do need to improve their support procedure with the following (quoting from my previous post).

1. The line of questioning of onsite support is misleading and bordering on cross questioning with an intent to find fault. It is just not downright ethical.
2. If there are known software which will void HP's warranty, they must provide audit software which will help customers chose, install and use right software on their computers.
3. Such information must also be provided during warranty purchase / activation. Afterall, I paid close to Rs.4000-5000 for annual warranty and that is by no means cheap money in India (or anywhere else).

Twice indeed has the warranty program saved my "skin". An earlier display problem which required replacing the entire display of my nx7400 at possibly Rs.15k-22k and now this. It's also neat that my warranty is an "onsite warranty" which means that they come down to my residence to take care of these issues and it saves me time and effort of taking it down to their service center.

So, if you do own an HP laptop, you may want to consider obtaining the warranty, notwithstanding such instances.

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