Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bill (or sms ?) shock - Matrix Cellular

I use Matrix Cellular services while traveling to the US. In general, I've been happy with their services (just that their billing collection cycle is abysmal). It's actually quite convenient to have a "local" mobile phone at hand in foreign shores. More so in a market like US where phones are locked to the networks and it's not easy to use your own phone there - irrespective of whether it's a quad/5 band.

In view of my recent US trip, I got an SMS a few days ago which said that I'd incurred a bill for Rs.27.7300 in view of my recent usage. I was shocked (understatement of the year) that it was Rs.277300, called up their customer care, registered a complaint, was assured that it will be looked into asap and I would get a call from concerned department in about 15-20 mins. Suffice to say that I never got that call.

And then I got another SMS yesterday which said that a bill worth Rs.27.73 is being dispatched to my residence.

See - Rs.27.7300 Vs Rs.27.73 !!

Now, I'm waiting for the bill to see what it is actually!

On this related note, the situation of US telecom industry where phones are locked to networks, just makes me think that we have the best possible situation in India - at least for now. There is however, a slow penetration of network locked phones coming up in the GSM space as well and it's always been there for CDMA.

My happiness with Indian market is notwithstanding the famous India 2G scam, albeit that is a sad story in itself, not to mention that it's like reading a thrilling novel!

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