Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Virtualization on mobile phones - 2 in 1 phones!

And I'm not talking about dual sim phones.

Virutalization is very well know in the world of computers - laptop, desktop, etc. Infact, I had some of my first trysts with it _years ago_ when I ran Red Hat Linux on my Microsoft Windows desktop using VMware. There's still a lot of evolution happening in that part of the world.

Now, here's something neat and surprising. LG & VMware are supposedly working together to create a new phone which will use virtualization to support 2 phones - for personal and office use - on a single physical phone. Will be interesting to see how this takes off!

LG and VMware have created a partnership intended to deliver a dual-profile mobile smartphone sometime in 2011. As a result, users should eventually be able to carry a single device that logically segments personal applications and data from work resources so that IT departments can manage and secure just the corporate “side” of the device.
VMware mobile middleware will create two virtual instances of a smartphone in one physical device.
The virtualized phones will have two phone numbers – personal and work. Presumably, the employee could receive an invoice for personal usage and the company could receive an invoice for corporate charges.

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