Sunday, December 12, 2010

Aritel Download Speed Test - Something fishy?

I tried out download speed tests and there's something I'm either missing or fishy.

Airtel & are indicating that my download speeds are at 2Mbps.

PCPitStop, DSLReports, are reporting that I'm at 0.2Mbps!

That's a whopping difference.

(PCPitStop, depending on the type of test, location of server, shows different results - this is probably truly representative of what can happen with others as well)

I can speculate some reasons why some of those appear faster than other, but when I tried download software (via browser, free download manager), it still remains at around 256kbps or .25Mbps.

See the results for yourself.

2Mbps speed results speed

Airtel speed

0.2Mbps or ~256kbps speed results

DSLReport speed

PCPitStop speed

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