Sunday, March 18, 2007

My broadband connection speed test

Note that I have a 128kbps ADSL connection via Airtel. So, it's technically not broadband. However, I'm fairly happy with it's quality albeit I still think it's overpriced (@ Rs.699+taxes per month).

BTW, has anyone performed such speed tests for a 256kbps or 512kbps connection from Airtel or any other Indian service provider ? If not, can you please do so and let me know (by leaving a comment in here) ?

Tests via

This one in Miami is generally slow, almost always.


firstmonsoon said...


We've tried something like these things here, with our BSNL DataOne connection, they almost never show the speed that it's supposed to be running at. Ask Ash, he'll have plenty to say about that!

sakthi said...

I have 256 Kbps Airtel broadband connection.I checked the speed several,it always lie between 190 to 210 Kbps.
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