Monday, February 17, 2014

Quick Observations on the Moto-G

Played around with the Moto-G for a very brief while before I configured those and handed it off to family members. Neat device. 

A few observations (will update these in the future, if I get a chance, and/or if I find something).

Camera: The camera could definitely be much better in low light or indoor lighting that's not great, I don't know if it's just a software issue - device still on 4.3 during launch in India, whether 4.4.2 would make an improvement? Or is it one of cost? If so, what would be a price point to take it to a decent level? Just a thought.

FM Radio: The FM Radio seriously lacks options on the UI. Need the following. 
1. Ability to enter a frequency (via keypad) instead of having to goof around with the slider.
2. Ability to provide names to the stations.
3. Ability to play thru' speaker instead of earphones, and switch back.
4. Ability to sleep after 15,30,45,60,120 mins or, enter a configurable option.
5. Ability to create a playlist of stations and optionally play thru' them randomly for every 15,30,.. mins or so (ok, that's extreme)
6. Ability to record from the FM station (not that many may use it, still may be handy once in a while).

Storage / MicroSD: To Motorola::Please, please consider adding a MicroSD card option in future models. I dunno what your fixation is with not providing those, but they'd certainly help, especially in budget devices.

Voice Recorder: To Motorola:: Need a default voice recorder so one can record MP3s of kids talking, singing and such - doesn't have to be video always - especially with the lack of storage space.

Update 1:

Good job on including the charger, headset for a market like India.Don't think some of the other country versions have these.

Charger: The charger could have had clearly visible USB indicator (or some marking) on it to easily indicate which side to plug into the phone. Will prevent long term damage of the charger/phone USB port.

Cases: I see that the cases, flip shells align pretty much with the camera glass. I would have preferred if the casing was such that it provided at least a few mm protection to the camera, i.e casing stood out and camera was a little bit inside. Or is it that the camera glass is built with such material so as not to be scratched if placed frequently on irregular/rough surfaces?

Update 2:

Moto-G receives the sweet pill! Kitkat 4.4.2 update now available for India! Upgraded one phone out of two! Still need to see what it actually brings in noticeably.

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