Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Improving app discovery the social way

I love to discover apps for my mobile, tablet, ipod touch, etc and I'm sure most of the others who have such handheld devices feel the same way. While the current app engines like "Google Play", "ITunes Store", "Amazon Apps", "Samsung Apps" etc try to fulfill this in some way or another, it still doesn't fully meet my/everyone's requirements.

For long, I've wanted the ability to know what apps are popular with my friends, and for me to publish what I use in an easy way so that others can see what I've discovered (other than me having to write about it).

Would it be possible for Google/Apple to aid app discovery by allowing my phone/tablet/... to publish the list of (my selected) apps that I have installed on my phone/tablet/... to Google+, Facebook, Twitter (via some URL), etc?

Google+/FB/ (or Google/Apple) then in turn needs to have a way for users to discover the popular apps, categories (and such) in their circles at the aggregate level and even deep dive to individual users.

I terribly miss the capability to share my list of apps in an easy way and/or discover what others are using.

Is this already available and I'm somehow missing it? Or do you know if there are such plans on the cards and it's on its way? If so, when? If not, do you know how it can be brought to the attention of the powers that be?

I feel that it may also be worthwhile to provide a mechanism to indicate the phone manufacturer, model, OS, etc in FB, G+ posts - if users wish to include it - and provide a similar mechanism for discover.

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