Friday, October 19, 2012

Got a phishing scam call today, 19-Oct-2012


A few weeks ago, instead of hitting delete on one of those "get rich schemes" that come via SMS, I happened to hit respond by mistake. Before I realized that I hit "reply" an empty sms response went out and I couldn't cancel it before it went out.

I set my mental register to have a watch out for when I'd get further sms/calls regarding this. And, it happened today (or so I think).

As I was driving, I got a call from +002061 and a very polite lady on the phone with clearly Indian accent started talking to me asking if my name was indeed Sudhir Parasuram. When I confirmed, she said that my computer was affected by virus and they found it because they run daily scans to users who connect to the network and that the scan was being done in UK and they found my name reported today. She wanted me to check for a file on my computer's recycle bin and also give my computer name.

Around this point of time, I started asking, who she was, why she's calling me, where from and if that she was for real, she should send me this info via email. She had vague responses and almost hung up the phone on me at that point.

Gotta be more watchful now and inform the wifey as well!

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