Sunday, January 02, 2011

Mobile Lost

The wifey lost her phone on Friday evening, 31-Dec-2010. It was lost at Adyar between the visit to Birla Planetarium, Peryiar Science and Technology Center and visit to JP (Car) Battery center (more on all those in possibly another post).

It was a phone that was passed down to her from her sister via her mom. While the phone was a very old model (0.3MP camera), it was certainly fully functional and carrier lot of sentimental attachment. Resale value of it wouldn't be anything more than Rs.100 to Rs.300.

However, it brought back my attention to the fact that Indian telecom market is in between being ill-equipped and disinterested to handle mobile phone loss. While the service provider will block the sim and issue a duplicate one, they are not at all keen in tracing the mobile phone with the help of IMEI (this does require co-ordination between service providers so that the device can be tracked between networks).

The good thing however is that I remember reading an article in the newspapers recently (within last 2 weeks to a month) that mobile phone tracking (in case of loss, security?) is going to become a reality soon in the Indian market thanks to government pressure, service providers "supposedly" upgrading to required technology and collaborating between themselves. I'm not holding my breath on that one, but it would certainly be interesting and useful if it came to fruition.

We ended up getting an LG GS190 thanks to its support of an 8GB microSD card and an ok speaker phone - key requirements for the wife and kid to listen to music.

Interestingly, Univercell, the mobile phone retailer offered a mobile insurance plan for a year (to protect against loss, accidental damage, etc) for as little as Rs.50 (or Rs.100?), but I refused. I'm guessing getting that refund will be a problem in case of loss - thanks to the requirement of going to a police station to register the loss and possibly getting an acknowledgement! And you know easy (or relishing experience) that can be!

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