Tuesday, January 04, 2011

CD-R Price Rs7.5 per unit

I'm left with just one more CD from the Moser Baer 100 pack I bought in Apr/May-2005. At that time it was Rs.12 per unit.

Yesterday I bought a Moser Baer 100 pack from the famous Mercy Electronics at Rs.750 for 100-Box, i.e, Rs.7.50 per unit. That's approximately a 19% drop over period of 5.5yrs. Do you think it's a good drop or not fast enough?

Retails @ Moser Baer at Rs.1200 per 100 box and ebay.in at Rs.1100 to Rs.1400!

Interestingly Amazon has it cheaper at $12.99 (Rs.581 @ 1 USD = Rs.44.77 INR) and upwards (albeit brand is different, TDK). There are local Indian brands that are quite cheap as well, just no "guarantee" on quality though.

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