Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rediscovering Freedom - on the road

It's been close to 8 years since I gave up using a 2 wheeler actively (in fact I sold my bike in about a year or 2 since I got my first car in 2003 since I was sparingly using the bike). While I've always liked the comfort of driving an air-conditioned 4-wheeler, listening to my favorite music, the traffic hold-ups, no-parking-space issues always irritated me, not to mention the time that it would take to get from point A to B within any city in India.

Of late, I've started dropping the little one at school on a 2 wheeler (used to be the car earlier, moved to 2 wheeler to save time). Began with my dad's scooter with the little one sandwiched between dad (me) & mom. And then, I "upgraded" to using my friend's bike. Slowly have started using it for my regular travel as well - ended up buying a helmet for myself, backpack for travel to office, fork-lock for the vehicle (Yamaha RX 135 has a notorious side lock that's always prone to frequent breakage).

It's bliss now! Not sure how long this'll continue. Rains can be a spoil-sport. If you've been on Indian roads, you will know what I mean - both in terms of bliss and pain! :)

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