Friday, October 31, 2008

Reliable, Free Online Backup Storage

Mozy, an online storage company from the storage world leader EMC is offering free online backup storage upto 2.2GB. For those who need more space, unlimited backup at less than $5 per month.

Referring a friend helps me get 512MB additional free storage if the friend signs up via my referral link. Hence, can you please sign up for free online backup storage via my referral URL ?

Hint, hint ... :)
Please use the following URL for signup.

Kindly note that EMC is a very large company and one of the leaders in the storage space (hence less fear of your content being abused) and Mozy has received good comments as far as privacy is concerned. So, rest assured that your data will be safe by any normal standards.

Alternate options for online storage backup include cloud storage via Amazon S3 Storage from players like Jungle Disk. I'm intending to trying that as well if I get a chance for a free edition. The one "true" issue with all of this that I see that my home bandwidth is a puny 128kbps link and most of the services are not in India (local access could speedup things a bit).

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