Monday, October 13, 2008

Recommendations needed for UPS

I need to have an UPS to keep up the following devices

* DLink ADSL modem
* Linksys Wireless Router

I don't need this UPS to power/backup PCs (desktops).

* What is the capacity of UPS required ?
* How much time will it be able to power on the devices ?
* Any recos for specific makes ?
* Any recos for places to buy from (in Chennai) ?

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Nirenjan Krishnan said...

Generally, your modem and router are far more resilient to power failures than your PC, reason being it's highly unlikely that your modem/router is writing to a complicated file system vs. a simple few bytes to an EEPROM.

On the other hand, you might want to protect them from under/overvoltage conditions, which a decent 300 VA stabilizer will suffice.

If you are intent on using a UPS, the capacity required really depends on how long you want them to stay up. I don't know if there are 300 VA UPS models available, but you might be able to get 500 VA ones.

No specific model recommended, but I hear APC is a very good make. The best place to purchase (any electronics for that matter) would be Ritchie Street.