Friday, October 17, 2008

Domain renewal and billing quirks ...

For those interested in quirky details of Google Checkout, read on :) Others, don't blame me for the long post. You've been warned :)

I have my domain registered via Google Apps Standard Edition provision via The account is setup for automatic renewal on my credit card via Google Checkout. Easy and convenient for use. I'm not getting into the security aspect at the moment.

Google sends out a mail about 2 months in advance of the domain expiry date that the domain is about to expire. Offers an option to renew the domain on that date or have it happen automatically via Google Checkout about 15 days prior to expiry.

I chose the "automatic" renewal option. On the d-day of "automatic" renewal, I didn't see any notice. After the d-day, when I went to Google Checkout, the site doesn't show the order details. However, when I login to my apps account, it shows that renewal did take place.

So, either something's wrong with Google Checkout billing details or I'm missing something. Don't know if this is a known issue.


Krishna said...

Let me know if this is still an issue. I will check with the appropriate folks.

Sudhir Parasuram (Lakkaraju) said...

Incidentally, I did check this today morning as well. No, Google Checkout doesn't show it in the order history. My credit card account doesn't show the amount deducted. However, the "next renewal date" has been moved from Oct-2008 to Oct-2009 in Google Apps. So, it has been debited from the card. I'm wondering if they are waiting for the Oct-31 date to pass and then submit it. Would be good to know what is actually happening.