Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Scramble for ideas

"Scramble" is probably putting it too loud and mostly clamoring for the headline :)

But if you see the number of companies paying to get ideas off the general public, it is indeed interesting.

I'm not counting the true blood VCs in this game, for it's their daily work. Some of the ones below are turning into that category. I'm just making an observation of some companies that I've seen make such offers in the recent past.

First it was Cisco with IPrize
Next I heard of Future Group with Future Ventures
Then, I saw Airtel come up with Airtel Innovation Fund
And now, I'm seeing Google come up with Project 10 to the 100th !
(The above list is in no chronological order, only as I saw it).

Interesting trend.

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/<0USIK said...

Amazon is also in the race: