Monday, February 04, 2008

The wait is still on

Sold my close-to 5yr old Tata Indica V2 DLS in the month of December 2007. Kinda vowed to myself that I would not buy another Tata vehicle due to the small nagging issues that always come up.

Almost made up my mind on buying the Maruti SX4 and was ready to sink in the money (Chevrolet Aveo was a hot contender, however pathetic resale value of GM cars prompted me to think otherwise). And, that's when Tata announced the new SUV Sumo Grande. In fact, heard the buzz before the vehicle hit the Auto Expo 2008 via

Vehicle was supposed to be in showrooms in first week of Feb. However, calls to dealers in Chennai prove that the wait period could be more.

Being stuck without a car after getting used to one for so many years can really be painful.

Am often tempted to just go out and get one of the A/B-segment cars without thinking too much about it. But then, I do kinda know that the Tata Nano or a variant of one such is what will become a second car down the line - once I get my C-segment car/suv (Maruti Sx4/Tata Sumo Grande).

For now, the wait is on.

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