Monday, February 04, 2008

Cable / Dish TV

Sometimes procrastination pays. Or so I may be tempted to think.

A few months ago, I'd done some good amount of research on the Satellite TV choices in India (basically between Dish TV and Tata Sky), however postponed buying either of these two. The entry price was around Rs.3000/- or so for the antenna, STB, few months subscription (during offer period) etc.

The terrestrial cable TV MSOs (Hathway, Sumangali Cable TV) were offering STBs anywhere between Rs.1000 to Rs.3000 (depending on rental / outright purchase).

For running charges, cable TV still proves to be less costly when compared to Satellite TV. Complete bouquet costs Rs.270/- on cable TV Vs. Rs.350/- on Satellite TV.

And, this week, all of a sudden,Hathway offered the STB for FREE in our apartment complex. Only rider being that partial subscription charges be paid for 4 months in advance. I promptly sunk my teeth into the deal and have signed up for it.

According to the local cable operator, the STB should be installed in a day or two. Let's see how the experience is.

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