Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Car Battery Industry

There's something weird happening in the Indian car battery industry - from a layman's perspective.

Back in Mar-2005 time frame, I bought an Exide Express 1.5years warranty car battery for around Rs.2300 or so. A few weeks ago, when I tried getting a new one, the price was close to Rs.4400 or so for the same type and warranty period.

I ended up buying an Amaron which cost me Rs.3800 (after getting an exchange of Rs.300 for my old exide express battery) and it has a 1.5yr replacement guarantee and a pro-rated exchange 1.5yr warranty period after that. Definitely a better deal (but then, Amaron is a newer entrant compared to Exide).

Anyway, What's wrong with prices shooting sky high in such a short period ? What is the rational - if someone knows, can you please let me know ?

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