Friday, October 05, 2007

Tata Broadband - How consumers are taken for a ride ...

I would like to say I don't hate the Tatas, but the manner in which their ISP is run (by "erstwhile" VSNL babus) leaves a lot to be desired. Know of first hand horror stories about their data center and co-location services or rather the lack of it.

If you can watch CNN-IBN on 6-Oct-2007 at 6.30PM IST, you will get to hear the true story of an individual try to fight his way thru' the shit that is at Tata Indicom Broadband.

Read his story in his own words here.

Very unfortunate that a "neutral" review site like has tried to cut off his reviews.

Good to see that a mainstream news channel like CNN-IBM is taking this up "on his behalf". Albeit, they may have their own intentions (like program popularity).

The 1st Part will be aired on:
Saturday, 06.10.2007 at 18:30 hrs. (6:30 PM), IST

Replay of the of the 1st Part will be aired on:
Sunday, 07.10.2007 at 15:30 hrs. (3:30 PM), IST

The 2nd Part, will have more about the development of the story with many opinions about the ISP from various parts of India. This follow-up show will air on Saturday, 13.10.2007.

A good summary post also available here.

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