Sunday, February 25, 2007

Technology for sharing bandwidth

From a pure technical perspective, is it possible to share unused bandwidth available across multiple independent ADSL connections ?

Like, if I were in an apartment complex and everyone (or almost) had an unlimited 128/256kbps download ADSL connection from their service provider of choice, would it be possible in some way to share the total bandwidth across all interested parties ?

Note that I'm not getting into the clauses the service provider has for connections, I'm just looking at technical feasibility. Maybe someway of hooking up via some wireless mesh whereby everyone was guaranteed their "assured" bandwidth, but still was able to leverage if someone's else was not being used ? It may probably "break" the assumptions of connection pool sharing being taken into consideration by SPs, but that's another matter. For example, they may assume not more than 10% of their connections will be active online at a given point of time and purchase their backend bandwidth accordingly.

Note that I'm also not getting into issues like what is the incentive for someone to get into such shared connections, etc.

Thoughts, ideas, known solutions, ... ?

Known problems/legal constraints ?

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