Monday, February 19, 2007

Home network - 2 (external HDD casing and others)

Further to my earlier post about the "Home Network", there's been very little progress.

The service vendor has told me that the other machine will require some I/O chip change that should cost about Rs.600. I'm double minds as to whether I should get it repaired or not, 'cos I don't have a HDD anyway (still need to salvage the HDDs that were diagnosed faulty). Getting a new one will cost me around 2K, but then it's a pretty slow machine. The only reason that'd make me get it repaired is to ensure that the vendor hasn't knocked off parts off the machine - not that there's anything really worthwhile in it ! (suspicious mind)

I got an external HDD casing from Supreme Computers (in Ritchie Street) over the weekend for Rs.600/- and plugged in my 200GB HDD into it. It's both convenient and cumbersome at the same time - convenient to move, cumbersome 'cos it needs external power. The casing heats up quite a lot - need to read up on whether it's indeed safe to do things this way. I'm yet to figure out how to get tiny holes onto the aluminum casing so that while they do work as an outlet for heat escape, they are not large enough to allow too much dust or insects inside.

And, I heard from Supreme Computer folks that it's not easy to get an external casing for converting internal DVD drives to external - their claim is that it's usually ridden with problems. Need to check that out. The DVD writer is currently on a machine with 633Mhz Celeron processor with 192MB RAM and 2GB HDD - certainly not the best location for efficient processing.

Next on list is research on actual external HDDs to understand their benefits (safety, reliability, ...).

It certainly is much more easier not to bother with computers at all :) :)


nksenthil said...

I guess you are enjoying after office hours. May be your kid will take away your all these as she grows :) Then the Time management comes to practical :)

Nirenjan Krishnan said...

I have an external casing for a DVD writer and it's given me mostly trouble free operation... look for the Zippy's make...