Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Call from Service Provider ...

In the past few days, my usage of my mobile phone has been very minimal - more due to lack of necessity and usually available alternatives.

I got an automated IVR call from my service provider (Airtel) wherein I was informed that my mobile phone usage over the past few days was low and they wanted to know the reason why it was so ? Some of the options included "I'm happy with your service, have no complaint", "I'm not happy with your service, need to talk to someone" and so on. I chose the first option.

This is the first time I got such a call. The point is - I was surprised to know that such things are measured, monitored, and feedback is sought from end-users !!

Just out of curiosity - Have you ever got such a call ? Is your service provider known to take such "measures" ? Do you know of others who have done/are-doing this ?

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