Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Thinking about a new mobile phone ...

During the past few days, for some strange, unfathomable reason, I've begun thinking about getting myself a new mobile phone.

My present one, Motorola c350e, is working "perfectly fine" - if one can call it that ! Read my earlier crib about my phone :) Unfortunately, it is sporting a broken faceplate for a few weeks thanks to my accidentally sitting on it ! I've been too tied up to take it to the repair shop since then :(

Coming to the topic, I still don't know what I want in the new phone. I can think of
* camera,
* Update: mp3 player/recorder (needs to serve as a recorder of external conversations, just like a regular tape recorder),
* Update: speaker,
* wi-fi,
* edge/gprs connectivity,
* browser,
* lots of apps,
* ability to download additional apps (should be a popular platform that has lots of third party utilities - of course available for free),
* kewl contact management capabilities,
* email client (?)
* ...

I still haven't thought about the kind of service available for internet connection for GSM phones, cost of such plans, etc available here in India. Nonetheless ...

So, any recommendations ? Not that I'd be shopping immediately, but who knows when the bug will bite ?! :)


Nirenjan said...

I have a Nokia 6681. Has all the features that you mentioned, with the exception of WiFi and E-mail client (it probably has that too...)

Goes for abt 15K now, with an additional RS-MMC, the cost can go up to 16K, unless you want an original chip, which costs somewhere around 3K for a 512 MB card...

Krish said...

My votye for:
Sony Ericson - k750i

Wonderful mobile....